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The School with Experience

Serving Southeastern Idaho for Over 30 Years...

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Taking students from the Southeastern part of the state...

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Contact Us at 208.233.1755
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About RNR 

The RNR owner is currently serving as a Regional Vice President of the Driving Schools Association of the Americas. He is Past President of the Idaho Association of Private Driving Schools. He is currently serving on the IBOL Private Driving business Board.

RNR enrolls students from the Southeastern part of Idaho including: Pocatello, Preston, Malad, Soda Spring, Grace, Bear Lake, Marsh Valley, American Falls, Rockland and Blackfoot.  Contact the owners by clicking here if you have questions.  

RNR offers Online Classes and Classes over Zoom for those in the Pocatello Area. No need to travel as the classroom is where ever you make it! Virtual Zoom Classes are offered for $275. Click Here for more information on the Virtual Zoom Class. All driving hours will be in Pocatello.

If you prefer to take the online video, watch the video below that explains our ONLINE program that is available for $375! When you sign up for an online course, our instructors will come to you for your driving hours.

Information on Registration and Login for Online School

What is our online program like? | Pass Driver's Ed from our Online School

Click here for Course Registration

If you have trouble logging in please call 208.233.1755.

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